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Agency Staffing

It can be difficult to maintain staffing at appropriate levels given budgetary constraints, the ebb and flow in development applications, and in gauging both short- and long-term demand for services.  PMC provides staffing services for planning, housing, redevelopment, finance, GIS, surface mining (SMARA) compliance, project management and beyond.  We provide a cost-effective and flexible approach, assigning experienced and personable staff to match your work needs, for a matter of weeks or months. Our staff typically works from your office on a predetermined schedule at levels of coverage you select, and always based on a budget you can live with.


PMC offers extraordinary staffing services for municipalities and agencies that exceed expectations.

  • Experienced planning staff
  • Technically proficient planning staff
  • All levels of planning staff available
  • Flexible staffing levels
  • Cost-effective PMC staffing

IN-SHAPE Code Compliance Program

The IN-SHAPE Code Compliance Program (Improving Neighborhoods through Safe Housing And Property Enhancement) provides Code Enforcement services. Our goal is to provide a clean, healthy and safe environment for those who live and work in municipalities. Not only do we take an active role in locating nuisances, we also serve as an instrument for building a sense of community pride and involvement.
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