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PMC's Zoning Doctors Make House Calls

January 25, 2013

Does Your Zoning Code Have a Clean Bill of Health?

With 2013 already here, is your jurisdiction's municipal code at full strength, or does it need emergency care? Over the past few years the California regulatory landscape has shifted, leaving many planners experiencing dizziness, disorientation, confusion, and other symptoms. Don’t settle for band-aid solutions. The PMC zoning doctors have the cure! Do your zoning regulations:

  • Have a “green” deficiency? The new CALGreen building code contains numerous provisions that require zoning updates to fully implement.
  • Experience communication-itis? Current federal and case law for zoning is changing, and new regulations for signage and telecommunications are at the forefront of recent changes. Is your code prepared for the next round of permit applications?
  • Suffer from procedural lethargy? Many jurisdictions have unnecessarily complex permit processing that can be frustrating and confusing to applicants. The permit process can be streamlined to make codes more applicant friendly without compromising the community's vision.
  • Have an infill-phobia? Typical zoning regulations, such as setbacks, parking requirements, and other provisions, may indirectly discourage mixed-use and infill development.


PMC Completes Zoning Projects in 2012

"PMC's knowledge, professionalism, and service-oriented attitude allowed us to completely rewrite our Development Code in less than fourteen months from inception to adoption.  They were able to quickly adapt to policy shifts and provide us a document that will help meet the needs of our community and policymakers for many years to come."

-Jennifer Nakamura

City of Rancho Cucamonga


California Zoning – Unplugged

In California we consume a large amount of energy for lighting, cooling, and heatin buildings, lighting streets, parking lots, and signage, and pumping water for drinking, irrigation, and treatment. Zoning regulations play a role in reducing energy consumption.

Learn more about how you can adapt your zoning code to reduce energy consumption in your municipality.


Zoning Code 101

So what exactly is a zoning code and why does it matter? Find out what zoning can do for your community.


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