Community Center area from above
Community Center area from above

Climate Action Plan

The Final Climate Action Plan was adopted in May of 2014, and is available for viewing here: Final Climate Action Plan

The Draft Climate Action Plan and associated environmental document (Initial Study/Negative Declaration) are now available for public review. You can view these documents at the links below.

pdf  2014 Final Climate Action Plan

pdf  Sunnyvale Climate Action Plan Draft Initial Study/Negative Declaration

About the Climate Action Plan

The Climate Action Plan (CAP) is a document that will identify ways in which Sunnyvale can reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and provides guidance for adapting to the anticipated effects of climate change.

The CAP outlines transportation, land use, energy, and waste reduction measures to achieve its reduction target and proposes a timeline for implementation. The CAP also supports the goals and policies of AB 32 – The California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.

The Climate Action Plan is Sunnyvale’s path toward creating a more sustainable, healthy, and livable Sunnyvale. The strategies outlined in the CAP will not only reduce GHG emissions but will also provide energy, fuel, water, and monetary savings while improving the quality of life in Sunnyvale. The CAP is intended to streamline future environmental review of development projects in Sunnyvale by following the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines for a Qualified GHG Reduction Strategy.

The CAP will be implemented through a variety of programs and with extensive public involvement. Sunnyvale residents, businesses, and government will collectively play a role in achieving the goals of the CAP and, in turn, a sustainable future.

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