Alternative Transportation Options  in Sunnyvale
Alternative transportation options in Sunnyvale

Frequently Asked Questions

Land Use and Transportation Element

Q: What is the LUTE update?
A: The Land Use and Transportation Element (LUTE) is part of the City’s General Plan. The LUTE is an integrated document that establishes goals and policies for the general distribution, location and extent of land uses and the transportation system. The land use and transportation elements are integrated.

Everything you see built around you is affected by the LUTE—from the roadways and sidewalks to the smallest or largest buildings in Sunnyvale.

In addition, the LUTE update will include an effective series of focused land use and transportation policies, action statements, and strategies to address the City’s desire to be a regional leader in environmental sustainability.

Q: Why is this update needed?
A: The LUTE was last updated in 1997. In the intervening 13 years there have been changes in community expectations and state and regional regulatory requirements. The update will allow the community to re-examine land use and transportation policies and determine what changes in policy are appropriate for Sunnyvale considering the new challenges of the 21st century.

Q: Will there be extensive land use changes?
A: Most of Sunnyvale has already been built upon and most lands within the City will retain their current land use designations as part of the LUTE update. A few areas of the city could be identified for potential change in planned land use. It is more likely that the LUTE and CAP, which are "big picture" policy documents, will identify changes in policy on how to use or develop land with recommendations to implement these policies through amendments to the zoning code. The zoning code changes are not part of the LUTE update. 

Q: Will there be extensive Transportation System Changes?
A: Just as most of the land has already been developed, most of the transportation infrastructure has already been built in Sunnyvale. Although the current LUTE has planned infrastructure that has yet to be built, the basic circulation patterns in the city will not change. The LUTE update will examine ways to efficiently and effectively upgrade and use the transportation system including support and emphasis for travel other than single-occupant automobiles.

Q: What is the schedule for the update? How long will it take?
A: The update is expected to be completed in late 2015 or early 2015.

Q: When will the public be involved?
A: Public participation is encouraged throughout the update process. Please join us in attending various community forums—at city hall for City Council and Planning Commission meetings, online with Sunnyvale Open City Hall, or at other community events we will be a part of this summer.

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