Green Building in Sunnyvale
Green building in Sunnyvale

Horizon 2035: A Convergence of Climate, Land Use and Transportation

New: The 2017 Hearing Draft Land Use and Transportation Element (LUTE) and The Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) are now available. A Staff Report is now available that discusses staff recommendation on the LUTE and address a number of comments and questions received that pertained directly to the August 2016 Draft LUTE. You may review the changes from the 2016 Draft LUTE in the Track Changes document.

Horizon 2035 is an important combination of two projects that are underway at the City to address Sunnyvale’s energy and water efficiency, land use, transportation, and air quality. These projects are the Land Use and Transportation Element (LUTE), part of the City General Plan, and the Climate Action Plan (CAP). Working together, these documents will contain policies and programs that are designed to help the City sustain its natural resources, grow efficiently, and meet state legal requirements for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction.

The Climate Action Plan, completed in 2014, is Sunnyvale’s path toward creating a more sustainable, healthy, and livable Sunnyvale. The strategies outlined in the CAP will not only reduce GHG emissions but will also provide energy, fuel, water, and monetary savings while improving the quality of life in Sunnyvale. The CAP is intended to streamline future environmental review of development projects in Sunnyvale by following the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines for a Qualified GHG Reduction Strategy.

The LUTE update, Draft currently available for public review, addresses land use and transportation activity to sustain resources and encourage more efficient development through 2035. Major changes in policy from the currently adopted LUTE (2009) are summarized in the LUTE comparison. Major changes, corrections, and additions from the 2012 Draft LUTE can be viewed in the Record of Changes.

Why Horizon 2035 is Important to You

Everything you see built around you is affected by the LUTE and CAP—from the air and water, to roadways and sidewalks, to the smallest or largest buildings in Sunnyvale.

Sunnyvale residents and business owners all have a vested interest in maintaining a high-quality of life in our city both now and for generations to come. The issues being addressed in these projects will shape how the City considers future development and redevelopment, sustainability, economic development, public transportation corridors, and conservation issues like energy, water and recycling.

Get Involved. Shape the Sustainable Future of your Community

Active public participation is a vital part of the planning process. Please join us in attending various community forums—at city hall for City Council and Planning Commission meetings, online with Sunnyvale Open City Hall, or at other community events we will be a part of this summer. All public comments will be considered and integrated, where appropriate, into the LUTE. Check the Quick Links and Upcoming Meetings sidebars for new events and links.