Sunnyvale Public Works staff post Bicycle Friendly Community
Sunnyvale Public Works staff post "Bicycle Friendly Community" signs

Land Use and Transportation Element

About the Land Use and Transportation Element

The Land Use and Transportation Element (LUTE), Draft currently available for public review, is part of the Sunnyvale General Plan. The LUTE is an important document that establishes the goals and policies for the physical development and appearance of the city as well as for the transportation system. Everything you see built around you is affected by the LUTE and CAP — from the air and water, to the roadways and sidewalks, to the smallest or largest buildings in Sunnyvale.

The 2007 Sunnyvale Community Vision: A Guiding Framework for General Planning will guide the update process and the development of the LUTE document. The updated document is expected to provide guidance relating to economic development, incorporation of smart growth concepts, green technology and principles, and preservation and enhancement of existing neighborhoods. In addition, the LUTE update will include an effective series of focused land use and transportation policies, as well as and action strategies to address the City’s desire to be a regional leader in environmental sustainability.

The Environmental Impact Report

The LUTE Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) analyzes the potential environmental impacts of LUTE policies and mitigates those impacts to a less than significant level, if feasible. The EIR is available for the CEQA required 45- day public review and comment period from August 26, 2016 through October 11, 2016. See the Notice of Availability for more details. The EIR will streamline the review of potential development projects under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) when those proposed projects are consistent with applicable policy documents.

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